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Christmas Weight Gain: Why You Shouldn’t Stress

Christmas dinner, Christmas feast, friends and family for Christmas

Dieting during Christmas can bring just as much stress as joy! It’s natural and normal to have some anxiety and stress of weight gain around the Christmas season. For many of us, the food is the part we most look forward to! But how exactly can we enjoy it without feeling guilty about messing up … Read more

Best Foods to Get More Protein

food on a table that all have protein and a sign written protein

Always coming up short on your protein macros? We’ve collected some of the best superfoods to get more protein into your diet! Are you struggling to get enough protein in your daily diet? Protein is an essential macronutrient Increasing your protein intake could improve your health in several ways, including weight loss, muscle growth, and weight management. You … Read more

5 Best Healthy Snacks for the Workday

The Summer holidays are over… Kids are heading back to school, and many of us are returning to our regular work schedules. Eating healthily at work can be a challenge. Avoiding a breakroom full of sugary snacks and other temptations takes a lot of willpower, and you can’t avoid going in there forever! Other unhealthy … Read more

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