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Terms and conditions

GBG Healthcare Limited trading as Weight Loss Clinic is a healthcare company regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), registration number 1-10218579656. Our doctor prescribers are all specialist consultant Endocrinologists & Diabetologists registered with the General Medical Council (GMC). Our partner pharmacy New Line Pharma, which dispenses our medications, is registered with the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC), number (1091828). WLC reserves the right to update these terms and conditions at our discretion. The updated version will be effective as soon as it is accessible so please ensure you regularly review these terms and conditions so that you are aware of any changes. Definitions We                        The company as defined below You                       The patient as defined below Company             GBG Healthcare Limited trading as Weight Loss Clinic (WLC), a healthcare company operating under company number 12697969 Patient                 The person who purchases and uses the services provided by the company Programme          A monthly subscription of prescribed medication. The service will continue for as long as WLC is willing to offer them and the patient pays the monthly fee Assessment         The online questionnaire you completed to provide your medical history and personal details WLC Doctor         The WLC appointed doctor who will review your medical assessment and where necessary carry out a consultation and review of provided blood results.
  1. WLC Programme Inclusions
    • Review by a GMC registered doctor of your online assessment. The ultimate decision over your acceptance onto the programme will reside with the WLC doctor.
    • Dispensation and delivery of the medication prescribed by WLC’s doctor
    • A letter to your GP explaining the nature of your treatment under the programme
    • Call from a medical professional 3 days after the start of the programme
    • Access to a patient care team for advice and support as required
    • Access to an emergency patient helpline
    • Access to the Weight Loss Clinic App (except Orlistat subscription) for the duration of the purchased programme to include:
      • A 1-1 dietitian appointment (15 mins)
      • Weekly live group sessions with Health Coach
      • 24/7 messaging with nutrition and fitness specialists
      • On demand access to classes on diet and nutrition, behaviour modification and fitness sessions
    • WLC reserves the right to change the content of the programme from time to time
  1. WLC Programme Exclusions
    • Costs of additional eligibility checks. Following the review of your online assessment, the WLC doctor may require additional information to assess your eligibility for the programme. This may be in the form of a blood test, 1-1 consultation or both
    • Medication outside of that included in the programme
    • Letters to your GP or other consultant regarding your treatment other than those explicitly included in section 1
    • Any other cost not specified as included
    • The company, at its sole discretion, is entitled to terminate treatment to a patient who has commenced a programme and may deny entry to a follow on programme
  2. Programme Expectations
    • The Programme is designed to help you achieve weight loss and to experience the health and aesthetic benefits associated with weight loss. Before deciding to proceed with the Programme it is essential you have a clear understanding of what is required to be successful in losing weight and maintaining that weight loss
    • The Programme does not, in itself, offer a cure for your weight problems, but is a short term tool to help you lose weight
    • Although there is good scientific evidence to show that prescribed medication is effective, there is no guarantee that it will work in any individual case
    • If you do not make substantive and permanent lifestyle changes, whatever weight you lose is likely to be regained if you cease to participate in the Programme
  1. Side Effects and Contra-indications
    • All medication has side effects and contra-indications. The WLC doctor will assess your eligibility for the medication based on the information provided by you to WLC in the online assessment and where relevant, following a blood test or full consultation with a WLC doctor
    • IMPORTANT – You must read the label and leaflet that accompanies your medication carefully so that you understand any side effects and contra-indications. If you have any questions, please contact the company before using it.
    • Where appropriate, we will provide a dosing schedule to follow to minimise side effects. Depending on your tolerance to the medication, we may advise that you decrease the dosage or increase the dosage at a slower rate but you must never increase the dosage at a faster rate than outlined on the dosing schedule.
  1. Off-licence use of medications
    • When a medication is developed by a pharmaceutical company, it undergoes rigorous safety and efficacy testing via a number of clinical trials. This is to test the performance of the medication in treating one or more specific conditions (efficacy) but also to assess whether or not it causes side effects (safety).
    • If the clinical trials conclude that the medication produces successful results and is safe to use, the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) may grant a licence to treat the condition it has been tested for.
    • The licence details certain information about the medication relating to who can use the medication and which conditions it is intended to treat, how to store and use the medication safely and any known side effects and contraindications. All of this information can be found in the patient information leaflet that will be provided with the medication
    • Occasionally, a medication is prescribed for a different purpose and to treat a different condition than what is outlined in the product licence.  This is a relatively common practice, known as off-label prescribing. The doctor will only prescribe off-label if they believe the medication to be effective at treating their patient’s condition and that the advantages of its off-licence use outweigh any potential risks.
  1. Programme costs
    • Programme costs are advertised on the WLC website at weightlossclinic.co.uk and within any information based emails you may receive following your enquiry.
    • WLC has freedom to alter, at its discretion, the pricing of its Programmes. The price of your Programme will not however change once it has commenced, unless a change is made to the medication type or dosage
    • If you cancel your Programme and recommence at a later date, your new Programme will be subject to the relevant terms and costs at that time. These may be higher or lower than your original Programme costs.
    • In the event the WLC doctor requests an additional blood test or consultation to assess your eligibility you will be provided with a quotation for these additional services:
      • If bloods are required, these can be provided by yourself from a prior test within 3 months and reviewed at no charge. The WLC team will advise which blood markers are required. If you do not have suitable results, WLC can arrange a blood test with a partner Medichecks clinic for a £79 test fee.
      • If a doctor consultation is required, we will arrange an appointment with a WLC doctor for a £99 consultation fee.
      • If both a blood test and a consultation are required, WLC can arrange both appointments for a combined fee of £149.

WLC has freedom to alter, at its discretion, the pricing of its Programmes. The price of your 12 month subscription will not however change once it has commenced, unless a change is made to the medication type or dosage

Once your 12 month subscription ends or you cancel your Programme and recommence at a later date, your new Programme will be subject to the relevant terms and costs at that time. These may be higher or lower than your original Programme costs.

  1. Payment terms
    • If a blood test or doctor consultation is required, payment must be made in full prior to your appointment; WLC reserves the right to cancel this appointment if payment has not been made in full.
    • To process your application to join a Programme, WLC will require you to complete a direct debit mandate with your bank account using our nominated service GoCardless. This is required before your Programme can be processed.
      • Once eligibility checks are complete, WLC will schedule 6 or 12 consecutive monthly payments (depending on your medication choice) to be taken by direct debit, with the first payment scheduled immediately. You will receive notification of all scheduled payments before any monies are debited from your account.
      • When the first monthly payment is successfully processed, the first medication package will be shipped
  1. Medication delivery
    • These terms and conditions provide for delivery of services within the United Kingdom only (excluding Northern Ireland). This means that medication will be dispatched to UK addresses only. After these have been delivered to a UK address, you will indemnify WLC against all liabilities, costs and claims that may arise if the medication is exported by you and becomes subject to government levies and taxes, importation duties or is seized at customs.
    • The nominated courier for deliveries is APC Overnight, although the pharmacy reserves the right to use an alternative courier service as required.
    • The medication prescribed as part of your programme will be shipped to the address you have provided. If you change address permanently or need to change the address for a particular shipment, you must advise the WLC team with at least 72hrs notice of the shipment date. No refund or replacement medication will be provided if the medication is shipped to your nominated address but you are not in residence.
    • Your medication needs to be temperature controlled so it is sent to you in a refrigerated envelope. The discreet packaging is not identifiable as from Weight Loss Clinic but will state that it encloses medication.
    • It is your responsibility to ensure that medication is stored within temperature guidelines.
    • It is your responsibility to ensure that medication is safely stored away from children and pets.
    • If you are not at home when the parcel is delivered, the courier will leave it in your nominated ‘safe place’ but it is important that you retrieve the parcel the same day and refrigerate the pack immediately.
    • If your parcel is returned to the depot, you must collect it from the depot the same day to ensure that the medication stays within the correct temperature range. The attempted delivery card will detail your consignment number and the depot your parcel has been returned to. For address and contact details, www.apc-overnight.com/contact/depot-finder
    • Medication will be provided subject to stock availability from our UK pharmacy partner. WLC cannot guarantee continuity of treatment if availability of the prescribed medication becomes low or unobtainable.
    • If WLC is unable to fulfil the medication in your subscription, a refund will be made for any subscription payment collected where medication was not supplied. No refund will be due for any prior payments where medication was supplied and no compensation will be offered for a shortened subscription period.
  1. Cancellation
    • The minimum term for the Programme is 3 months
    • After the minimum term, you can choose to cancel your Programme at any point with a 1 week cancellation notice period. To confirm your cancellation, call the team on 0800 531 6703 or email admin@weightlossclinic.co.uk
    • No refund will be provided for any provided medication not used, no matter the reason for cancellation.
    • The services provided by the company under the Programme will be terminated immediately in the event of non-payment of fees due from you.
    • When the Programme you have purchased is cancelled or has expired, the relationship between the Company and the patient will have ended.
    • Both parties recognise that in some circumstances it may be necessary to cancel or re-schedule clinic appointments or contacts provided under the Programme.
  1. Data Protection Policy
    • We take your privacy very seriously and in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and UK Data Protection Act, we will ensure that your personal data (name, address, date of birth, etc.) and any sensitive personal data such as medical information, will remain private on a secure server. With the exception of the below, we will not disclose or sell this information to any third party. By starting a programme you consent to us securely sharing your data with the below:
      • Data sharing with WLC Doctor – To enable the doctor to assess your eligibility for treatment we will share with him/her, and any of their nominees, the information you have supplied to WLC in your online assessment. It may also be necessary to share your personal information with other medical practitioners in order to confirm your eligibility for the medication.
      • Data sharing with your GPWe will write to your GP to inform them of your treatment.
      • Data sharing with our partner pharmacyNew Line Pharma, The Village Pharmacy, SK10 4DG will be your nominated dispensing pharmacy for prescriptions written by our prescribers. You accept that they may contact you and/or the prescriber and WLC staff directly in relation to any clinical or verification queries they may have relating to the prescription. New Line Pharma may hold your personal information for the purposes of dispensing this prescription in line with GDPR guidelines, and any dispensed medication will be delivered to the address given by WLC.
      • Data sharing via mobile appsTo access the WLC app, basic details will be uploaded to enable you to register as a user. You can delete the app at any time and no further data will be stored. Your anonymised weight data may continue to be stored for research purposes.
    • We will use the information entered into the assessment, irrespective of completion status, for the purposes of providing information to you about your selected treatment programme and general marketing of our services.
    • We will maintain your data for as long as necessary for legal and insurance purposes given the nature of the treatment undertaken and in no circumstances for less than 10 years after termination of your programme.
    • The accuracy of your information is important to us. If you believe any information we hold about you is inaccurate or out of date, email us at data.protection@weightlossclinic.co.uk
    • To request details of the personal information we hold about you, email data.protection@weightlossclinic.co.uk
    • In order to advance medical understanding of the effectiveness of medically supervised weight loss programmes we reserve the right to use anonymised data on your Programme outcomes
    • Your personal details will only be used within the GBG Healthcare Limited and Weight to Go Limited group of companies for marketing purposes and in this regard only in respect of services or products that are relevant to you, based on your participation in the Programme. You can unsubscribe from receiving marketing materials from the Company at any time. Please call or email our office using the contact details provided to you in order to do this.
    • Details of our data protection policies are available upon request or can be found at www.weightlossclinic.co.uk.
  1. Patient Obligations
    • You will provide WLC and the WLC Doctor with a history of your health, including your mental health and any prescription medications you are taking, that is honest, accurate, reliable and complete. You understand that withholding any medical information could be detrimental to your health and safety and may result in cancellation of the programme without refund. You agree that if any change occurs in your medical history or status, you will inform WLC without delay.
    • You will store the medication as outlined in the Patient Information leaflet and use it within the advertised expiry dates.
    • You will follow the WLC instructions on taking the medication and dosage schedule and will contact the team for advice if you are unsure on any points.
    • You will contact WLC, your GP or, in extreme circumstances, attend your local NHS Accident and Emergency Department if you experience symptoms of poor health during the period of participation on the Programme
    • You understand that to be successful you will need to combine any medication you are prescribed with long-term behavioural change including regular (daily) physical activity and a healthy, balanced diet.
    • You will take the necessary precautions to prevent pregnancy throughout the duration of your treatment. If you become pregnant you must immediately stop using the medication and inform the WLC team. No refund will be due for any unused medication.
  1. GP Contact
    • It is in your best interests that your GP is aware of all treatments you undergo. Failure to inform your GP could result in them refusing to offer advice or treatment, including emergency treatment
    • If you decide to purchase a Programme, we will write to your GP providing details of the treatment programme and where relevant any comments made during consultation with the WLC Doctor.
  1. Jurisdiction
    • The laws of England and Wales shall apply to this contract and the Courts of England and Wales shall have exclusive jurisdiction