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Dietitian Appointment

Review your diet with our in-house expert – get professional advice on what to eat and when

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Looking to eat more healthily, reduce your cholesterol, go vegan but not sure how to go about it safely whilst maintaining good nutrition for your body?

Whether your focus is healthy eating or weight loss, most people start with a diet. That may mean purchasing a shake plan or following the latest diet trend but they all have one thing in common, diets don’t work. Unless you fundamentally change your eating habits, when the diet stops, the bad habits return and so will the weight!

Our Diet and Nutrition programme is different. With specialist advice and recommendations from our dietitian, you will develop a new way of eating, one that fits with your lifestyle, culture and shift pattern

Heather graduated as a Dietitian from Leeds Metropolitan University and has over 11 years experience as a Specialist Bariatric Dietitian, giving specialist dietary advice to patients following weight loss surgery.

Working with Weight Loss Clinic since 2021, Heather has helped hundreds of patients to safely achieve their weight loss goals. Consultations with Heather are remote via video link so you don’t need to leave your home.

Dietitian Appointment


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