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Why Breakfast is Important

Medically reviewed by

Prof Rishi Singhal MBBS, MRCS, FRCS, MD

Breakfast, as the name implies, is a meal that breaks the overnight fast.

The time between your last pre-bed meal and waking up is frequently the longest period of time without food for your body. Eating within two hours of waking up can affect how glucose (blood sugar) levels and insulin, which transports glucose into cells for energy, are managed for the rest of the day.

When you skip breakfast, it’s not just your body that suffers; it’s also your intellect. Plus, the longer you wait, the more hungry you’ll be when it’s finally time to eat. In an attempt to quench your hunger, stuffing yourself with unhealthy treats can cause your glucose to ebb and flow, resulting in uneven energy levels and the possibility for more overeating.

Breakfast is rightfully referred to be “the most essential meal of the day.”

Getting the right nutrition in your body is essential for optimal health.

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