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Bananas: 3 Reasons You Need to Eat Them

Medically reviewed by

Prof Rishi Singhal MBBS, MRCS, FRCS, MD

Ever wondered what having a banana a day could do for you?

Despite being one of the UK’s most popular fruits, Bananas tend to be avoided because of their high sugar content, when in fact, they’re full of healthy vitamins and minerals that improve the health of your body.

Bananas are so much more than just a smoothie ingredient. 

Reason 1: Bananas are High in Fibre

Soluble fibre found in bananas helps to slows down digestion and the stream of sugar in your blood which keeps you feeling fuller for longer and lowers your insulin levels which could result in better weight loss results.

Reason 2: Bananas are Excellent Pre-Workout Snacks

The high sugar content found in a banana comes in very handy when it comes to athletic performance. As they have fast-acting carbs that are easy to digest, a banana before a workout should give you immediate fuel to get you through any exercise. Rich in potassium, they reduce cramping risks and promote muscle growth. 

Reason 3: Bananas can Improve Your Skin Complexion

Manganese is a mineral found in bananas.

When it comes to the many minerals and nutrients found in bananas, Manganese is the most effective for your skin. It works to increase your collagen levels, which has a better chance of repairing and clearing your skin, and any other conditions like dryness and wrinkles. 


Balance and moderation are the keys to living a healthy lifestyle.

Enjoy eating bananas, but ensure you eat other healthy foods so your body can get all the necessary vitamins.