What is Saxenda

Saxenda is an innovative weight loss injection that helps to address one of the body’s natural responses to weight loss: suppressing appetite. The hormone responsible for this response, known as glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1), prompts your body to produce satiety hormones that regulate hunger and generally keep you full. This can help to reduce the number of calories ingested and result in a gradual, healthy weight loss journey over time.

Saxenda works by imitating GLP-1 to suppress appetite. With a regular maintenance dose, it functions similarly to GLP-1, informing your body when it is time to stop eating. As Saxenda takes effect, users experience a more balanced appetite, resulting in feelings of fullness without being excessively hungry or deprived of much-needed nutrients and nourishment. Moreover, as you are consuming a low-calorie diet over an extended period than you would have been exposed to otherwise, gradual weight loss occurs naturally.

saxenda reviews

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Further reading about Saxenda

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Saxenda is an innovative weight loss injection that helps to address one of the body’s natural responses to weight loss. Read more

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