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Success Stories: Jaspreet’s Journey


Jaspreet weight fluctuated constantly and was starting to take a physical toll on her body. At the heaviest weight she’d ever been and feeling down, she knew she needed to make a change for the better.

The Story So Far

At 39 years old, Jaspreet was at the heaviest weight she’d ever been.

Over the last couple of years, her weight had been fluctuating and was beginning to take a toll on her body, and was affecting how she felt.

In the past Jaspreet tried multiple diets like Weight Watchers, Slimming World, and the Cambridge Diet. While she had made some progress, her motivation would dip constantly and prevent her from making any real progress.

In Need of a Kickstart

Weight loss surgery was quite expensive, and Jaspreet felt determined to lose weight on her own.

In the past, she had lost weight on her own. With the right motivation, she could kickstart her weight loss and develop a healthy, sustainable routine. Jaspreet initially researched daily weight loss injections for someone else but liked the sound of our 1-month trial and decided to try it herself.

Her Hopes for the Future

Having finally begun the programme, she looks forward to feeling better about herself and regaining her desire to do more things without limitations.

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