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Dawn’s Story

Feeling unhealthy and finding it difficult to fit into clothes, Dawn lost the motivation to do the things she used to enjoy. Over the last ten years, her weight had slowly crept up, especially since COVID. It was her time to take action.

Her Story So Far

Dawn had slowly gained weight over the past ten years, especially since COVID, when she stopped going to the gym and gained an extra stone.

When her weight began preventing her from doing what she wanted, she started feeling unhealthy and low; being unable to fit into clothes and being forced to get bigger sizes made her feel unattractive.

It was time for her to take action.

She’d tried almost everything

Weight Watchers, Slimming World, and other online diet clubs, like Team RH, were just some weight loss programs Dawn previously tried. She also tried fitness programs but was always unmotivated by the results.

After discovering the Weight Loss Clinic through a Facebook ad, Dawn hoped Saxenda would help her kick-start her weight loss and guide her to success. In the long run, her goal is to achieve a slimmer figure so that she can wear nice clothes and choose whatever she wants from her wardrobe.

At her current weight she didn’t feel confident enough to do so and was very selective about her choices.

Despite considering weight loss surgery in the past, she opted to begin slowly and find out what she could achieve with Saxenda injections instead. Her weight upset her, so her close friends and family knew about her plans and supported her decisions.

Her Hopes for the Future

After she’s finished the programme, Dawn looks forward to fitting into nice clothes, running around with her grandchildren, and feeling much healthier.

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