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Doctor should prescribe weight loss injections

Medically reviewed by

Prof Rishi Singhal MBBS, MRCS, FRCS, MD

Why it’s important for a doctor to prescribe your weight loss injections is a fundamentally important feature of our programme. 

At the Weight Loss Clinic our programmes are focused on people who are clinically obese. That means they need to have a body mass index above 30 [click to ‘am I eligible? Page] (or 27+ for people with a weight related illness). For people with a BMI above 30, we know that their weight is impacting their long-term health and shortening their life. It’s a serious matter that needs treatment in the same way as you would treat high blood pressure, acid reflux, etc. 

With all medications there are side effects. For most patients these are mild in the case of the prescribed weight loss injections, with the main one being some mild nausea which usually passes with time. 

It’s important when prescribing weight loss medication that your wider health is taken into account and that you are properly screened for eligibility. A doctor will also explain the possible side effects, how to spot them and what to do if you experience them. A doctor will also make sure that you get the drug at the correct dose. We know that many clinics use nurse prescribers to assess patient eligibility and prescribe weight loss medication but they do not have the same level of clinical knowledge when assessing a patient’s medical history, current medical conditions and use of existing prescription medication. 

When you see a doctor you know that they are professionally trained, that their work is audited by their professional body, that there are channels you can complain through if things go wrong and, importantly, they are fully insured in respect of the treatment and advice they offer patients. 

When being prescribed weight loss injections by someone who is not a doctor or when you buy it through a website, you do not have these important protections. Indeed, the manufacturer, Novo Nordisk™, have informed us that fake weight loss injections have made their way into he UK market. Their advice is to go with reputable programmes that include doctor supervision, to make sure the medication is dispensed through an MHRA registered pharmacy and that the clinic you use is Care Quality Commission registered.