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Weight Gain After Weight Loss: How to Break the Cycle

Medically reviewed by

Prof Rishi Singhal MBBS, MRCS, FRCS, MD

So, you’ve begun losing weight on one of our weight loss medication programmes.

Congratulations, that’s terrific news!

But you might fall into the same trap as many others: steadily gaining weight back that you’ve worked so hard to keep off.

There’s always a fear of regaining weight after you’ve had some successful weight loss.

But don’t worry! If you begin, you see the pounds creeping back up, you’re by no means a failure, and you’re certainly not alone.

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Research from September 2018 shows that people regain 70% of the weight they lose in two years if they aren’t committed to maintaining their healthy lifestyle.

The ease into everyday daily routines is often the cause of weight gain problems, so we have a few solutions to help you identify problems head-on and put together a plan of action before the situation gets out of hand.

You’re not getting enough sleep:

Did you know that losing just 30 minutes of slumber can contribute to gaining weight? The mildest form of sleep deprivation can cause an increase in the hunger hormone, Ghrelin, which can lead to you overeating.

You’re skipping out on exercise:

Weight loss is achievable with a healthy diet, but maintaining weight requires a regular fitness routine. Little to no exercise will eventually result in a dip in your metabolism and a decrease in calories burnt.  

You’re too sedentary:

Whether working at a desk or binge-watching Disney+, spending long periods sitting in one position won’t help shift any pounds. Sitting around too much increases the risks of cancer and heart disease, whether you’re taking the time to exercise or not.

You’re not eating enough protein:

Failing to meet your recommended protein macros will eventually slow down your metabolic rate and make you more likely to gain weight. It would help if you kept up with your daily dose of protein to maintain muscle mass which assists in burning calories faster.


Maintaining long-term weight loss requires sticking to the principles that helped you achieve healthy weight loss in the first place. You made all the right lifestyle changes to get to this point. Now stick with it!

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