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Start skipping today!

Medically reviewed by

Prof Rishi Singhal MBBS, MRCS, FRCS, MD

Skipping has a whole host of benefits, high intensity and cheap, too.

Benefits of a skipping rope workout that even beginners can nail, here are some reasons to give skipping a try today.

Reasons why to try a skipping workout

  • Skipping rope is a great cardio workout. Skipping regularly could reduce your risk of heart disease and stroke, coupled with a healthy lifestyle.
  • Skipping for weight loss is a common reason people pick up the rope, with skipping burning almost 200-300 calories based on half an hour of skipping a day. Thirty minutes might not sound like a lot, but once you get skipping you may find yourself out of breath sooner than you thought – don’t worry, it’s easy to up your stamina with regular practice.
  • Skipping is a great full body workout, using your ad mussels to stabilise the body, legs for jumping and shoulders and arms for turning the rope.
  • Skipping involves so many parts of your body, the exercise could improve coordination, stamina and focus.
  • If that expensive gym membership is draining your bank balance, skipping could be a great alternative workout for you. Once you’ve bought your rope, skipping is a zero-cost exercise that can be done almost anywhere – just avoid low-hanging lights.
  • Skipping can improve your mental health by releasing endorphins, feel-good chemicals that can boost low moods. Increasing the blood circulation in your body and brain can help to reduce the symptoms of anxiety and depression.
  • Skipping helps to improve heart rate and blood pressure. It can also help you “boost your immune system, balance your metabolism, and improve your overall health in a short period of time,” according to the British Rope Skipping Association.
  • Forget separate leg and upper body days, a regular skipping session improves muscle tone in both the lower and upper body. Skipping is an entire body workout. Your legs and calves will feel the burn but your arms, shoulders andcore will tighten up, too.
  • Jumping rope is an accessible workout for many fitness lovers, as you can control the pace you work at and how long you skip for. Remember, building up over time and pushing yourself that little bit harder is what’s going to improve your overall fitness.

Moderate activities such as walking pose little health risk but, if you have a medical condition, check with your doctor before starting any new exercise program of physical activity.