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Risks and Side Effects

Considerations for treatment

Risks and Side Effects of Weight Loss Medication

If you are prescribed a weight loss treatment by our doctor, you should be aware that like any medication, these may have side effects and the most common are gastro-intestinal disorders such as nausea and abdominal discomfort. A patient study also showed a small increase in gall bladder related illness and pancreatitis in 0.3% and 0.04% of patients respectively.

Nausea is experienced by approx. 1 in 10 patients but is generally short-lived, subsiding after 4-8 weeks although it can continue at a mild level for approx. 1 in 20 patients. Studies show that nausea is best managed by gradually increasing the dosage of the medication and this is the practice we adopt. It’s important to stress that those who did experience nausea were able to tolerate it and remain on the programme.

Our doctor will discuss side effects before you begin the programme. 

Guard against Malpractice

Like any medication, the prescribed weight loss injections need to be treated with respect and prescribed in line with licensed guidelines, yet we know of UK clinics who are not doing this. We have reported poor prescribing practices to the manufacturer. All clinics using these weight loss injections should be registered with the Care Quality Commission. Weight Loss Clinic is registered with the Care Quality Commission under parent company GBG Healthcare Ltd RGP1-10217732619

We have heard of patients being prescribed weight loss medications without a doctor consultation or when they are ineligible due to their weight. We also know clinics have re-branded the medication against license and even used foreign or non-licensed substitutes for these weight loss injections on offer. It is important to remember that these weight loss injections are not a cosmetic treatment, it’s a prescription only medication that is licensed for the treatment of obesity. It is safe and effective when prescribed to the right patients by a professional healthcare practice.