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Here’s a few of the frequently asked questions we get. If you need the answer to something you can’t find please contact us.

How Do Weight Loss Injections Work?

GLP-1 agonist weight loss injections (you may have heard of the branded names such as Ozempic or Wegovy) contain an active ingredient such as Semaglutide or Liraglutide. They work by mimicking the hormone which suppresses your appetite. This helps reduce and regulate your hunger to ensure you consume fewer calories.


Also, unlike the natural GLP-1 produced by our bodies, the medication stays in your body for longer, extending the duration that you feel satisfied. The medication, in combination with support to change your lifestyle and diet can help you lose weight.

Can I Get this on the NHS
Currently, weekly semaglutide injections are available on the NHS, but only for patients with type 2 diabetes.
In order to use semaglutiude as a treatment for weight loss you will need to pay privately for a prescription.
What Is Ozempic & Wegovy?
Ozempic and Wegovy are both brand names of GLP-1 receptor agonist medication. They work in the same way, mimicking the action of the naturally occurring hormone GLP-1, which helps regulate blood sugar levels, reduce appetite, and promote weight loss.
The main difference between Ozempic and Wegovy is the dosing schedule. Ozempic is typically injected once a week, while Wegovy is injected once a week for the first month, then once every two weeks after that.
Wegovy is also approved for a higher dose than Ozempic, and has been shown to be more effective at promoting weight loss. In clinical trials, patients who took Wegovy lost more weight than those who took Ozempic.
What Does GLP-1 Mean?
“GLP-1” stands for “glucagon-like peptide 1,” which is a naturally occurring hormone in the body. GLP-1 is primarily produced in the small intestine and stimulates the release of insulin from the pancreas when glucose is present in the bloodstream. It also slows down the rate at which the stomach empties and helps regulate appetite.
GLP-1 agonists are a type of medication used to treat type 2 diabetes. These drugs mimic the action of GLP-1 in the body and can help lower blood sugar levels and promote weight loss. GLP-1 receptor agonists are also now commonly used to treat obesity in non diabetic patients.
Are Weight Loss Injections Safe?
GLP-1 agonist injections are generally considered safe and effective for people with type 2 diabetes or obesity. These medications have been extensively studied and have been shown to help lower blood sugar levels, reduce body weight, and improve overall metabolic health
Injectable semaglutide (currently available under the brand name Ozempic, and soon to be available as WeGovy) has been recommended by NICE (the body responsible for recommending treatments to the NHS) for the treatment of obesity.
How Often Do I Use the Injections?
The GLP-1 agonist medication in our monthly subscription is a weekly injection with a prefilled pen. The pen contains 4 doses at your prescribed dosage level.
No matter what your dose is, you will take one injection weekly.
What Are The Side Effects?
Like any medication, GLP-1 agonists may cause side effects in some people. Common side effects include nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea, which usually subside after a few days or weeks of treatment. In rare cases, these medications may also cause more serious side effects, such as pancreatitis, kidney problems, or thyroid cancer.
That’s why if you are considering GLP-1 agonist injections for weight loss you should ensure you chose a specialist medical weight loss provider who can advise you of the potential risks and benefits of these medications, as well as any other medications or medical conditions you may have. Take our free online assessment to see if you are eligible for our subscription.
Can I Take Other Medication Alongside?
Generally, GLP-1 agonist medications are safe to use alongside other medication, however there are some known interactions, which is why our free online assessment of your medical history will be reviewed by our clinical team, and if there are any concerns about your eligibility we will call you to discuss alternative treatment options. To ensure your safety, our prescribers will only issue your prescription whe they are satisfied there are no contraindications.
How Do I Start My Subscription

Starting your weight loss medication subscription couldn’t be more straightforward. Simply start our free online assessment here and wait for your confirmation. Once you’ve been approved, payment will be taken and your first month of medication will be sent discretely in the post.

How Does Delivery Work?
All weight loss injections and medication are dispensed directly from our UK-based partner pharmacy in accordance with cold-chain transportation.
The medication will be packed in discreet packaging using the correct insulated materials and ice gel backs to ensure it reaches you at the correct temperature range. Please ensure someone is at the address to receive the medication.
How Much Does It Cost?

A simple monthly cost of £199 is all it costs to join our weight loss program. 

Why Weight Loss Clinic

A simple monthly cost of £199 is all it costs to join our weight loss program. 

How Effective are Weight Loss Injections?
Weight loss injections are not a quick fix to sustained weight loss, but compared to diet and exercise alone, studies show patients using weight loss injections are more likely to lose weight.
A study in 2021 [https://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJMoa2032183} with almost 2,000 patients saw those who took GLP-1 medication alongside diet and exercise – lost 5 times as much weight as the placebo group.
What Medication Do You Use?
Unlike some providers, we only specialise in medical treatments for obesity. Our subscription programme combines GLP-1 agonist medication with a package of lifestyle and diet support
Whilst other weight loss medication is available, our experienced clinical team have deemed that for the majority of patients this is the best course of treatment.
Your online assessment, once reviewed by our medical team, will give us the information we need to assess if you would be eligible for our subscription program. If weekly weight loss injections are not right for you, we can discuss alternative courses of treatments.
How Does the Dose Change Over Time?
The starting dose for weekly weight loss injections is typically 0.25 mg, which is taken once a week. After 4 weeks, the dose is increased to 0.5 mg once a week.
If a higher dose is needed to achieve adequate weight loss, the dose can be increased to 1 mg once a week. However, the 1 mg dose will only be used in patients who have already been taking the 0.5 mg dose for at least 4 weeks and who require additional glycemic control.
It’s important to note that the dosing schedule may be different for some patients, depending on your individual needs and medical history.
What Is The Difference Between Saxendaa & Ozempic?
Saxenda and Ozempic are both brand names of GLP-1 receptor agonist medication. They work by mimicking the action of the naturally occurring hormone GLP-1, which helps regulate blood sugar levels, reduce appetite, and promote weight loss.
The main difference between Saxenda and Ozempic is the dosing schedule and approved usage. Saxenda is approved for weight loss treatment in adults with obesity, while Ozempic is approved for both type 2 diabetes and weight management. Saxenda is usually injected once a day, while Ozempic is typically injected once a week.

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