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Avoid holiday weight gain

Medically reviewed by

Prof Rishi Singhal MBBS, MRCS, FRCS, MD

Holidays are wonderful and a great way to relax and unwind away from the everyday pressures of life. If you’re not careful though, holidays can also be a danger zone for weight gain.

With all-inclusive buffets, refreshing cocktails and a week of sitting by the pool, it’s all too easy to jeopardise the weight loss results you’ve worked so hard to achieve. Here are a few helpful tips to make sure that when you return from holiday, you come home with a smile and a tan, not an additional half a stone!

Managing Your Meals

  • Pack your own food to eat on the plane / ferry / car. Choose high protein foods to keep you feeling full for longer and resist the temptation to buy snacks high in fat or sugar on your journey
  • Plan your days to avoid overeating. If you’re planning a long, leisurely lunch then aim to have a smaller dinner. Don’t skip meals, though as you’ll only end up eating more when you do eat
  • Be strong at the buffet! If you’re all-inclusive, that can mean endless buffets of tantalising food. There’s usually a choice of 2 plate sizes so choose the smallest and only go once, no repeat trips!
  • Choose a filling breakfast There’s a misconception that continental breakfasts are healthier, but can you believe that just 1 all butter croissant has 225 calories without any butter or jam. Our tip is to go for eggs (scrambled, boiled, or poached) on wholemeal or seeded bread as they’re high in protein and fibre so will fill you up until lunch
  • Be selective at the ice-cream counter. Our advice is to opt for an ice lolly instead of an ice cream but if you can’t be swayed, this list will highlight some of the better choices you can make.
    • Magnum: 240–270 Kcal
    • Vanilla ice cream cone with flake: 164 Kcal
    • Cornetto:220 Kcal
    • Mars Bar: 139 Kcal
    • Twister: 76 Kcal
    • Calippo: 100 Kcal