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Ozempic 1mg pen

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When starting Ozempic, the initial dose is usually 0.25mg per week, with a gradual increase to 0.5mg if there are no side effects. The maximum recommended dose is 2mg per week, adjusted based on the individual’s needs. A 1 mg Ozempic pen contains four doses, providing a month’s worth of treatment at the 1 mg strength..

Taking more than the prescribed dose of Ozempic can lead to hypoglycaemia, so it’s crucial to follow the healthcare professional’s instructions.

What Dose is Right for Me?

When taking Ozempic for the first time you will most likely be prescribed at 0.25mg per week. Sticking to the dosing schedule is important as the escalation process slowly introduces the medicine into your body while minimising potential side effects. If you aren’t experiencing any of the side effects, you will be recommended by your healthcare professional to up the dose to 0.5ml. The maximum dose of Ozempic is 2 mg once a week, this should only be advised if your A1C needs to shift as your type 2 diabetes changes. While doses may differ, how you take Ozempic, the 1 mg and 2 mg dose pens are the same.

How many doses are in a 1 mg Ozempic pen

A single pen of Ozempic, with a concentration of 4 mg/3 mL per pen, each injection from this pen provides a weekly dose of 1 mg, totalling four doses. Along with the pen, the carton includes four NovoFine Plus needles. This pen is specifically designed for maintaining A1C levels at the 1 mg dosage. Each pen will supply you with a month’s worth of treatment, delivering four doses of the 1 mg strength.

How much weight can you lose on an Ozempic 1 mg pen?

A once-weekly Ozempic injection study within adults weighing an average of 91.8 kg or 99.5 kg at the beginning of the studies. The study showed patients losing an average of up to 6.4 kg, despite some patients gaining weight.

Study 1: Patients taking a 0.5 mg dose of Ozempic lost on average 3.6 kg and those administrating a 1 mg dose lost 4.5 kg.

Study 2: Patients using the Ozempic 1 mg dose lost on average 5.5 kg and those using the 2 mg dose lost 6.3 kg.

Can you take 2 doses of 1mg Ozempic?

Do not take any additional doses than what your healthcare professional has prescribed. Overdosing can result in hypoglycaemia (a severe drop in blood sugar levels that can last a long time). It’s important to regularly monitor your blood sugar levels to maintain a steady level. If you require a higher dose, discuss this with your healthcare provider and they could replace your pen with a higher strength of 8 mg/3 mL per pen.

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